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Track Weight, BP, Glucose etc

Schedule Appointments

Message Your Doctor

Prescription Refills, Delivered

View Medical History

Care Programs (RPM, CCM etc)

Patient Healthcare

The HBox Healthcare SuperApp helps patients manage their conditions through the use of customized care plans, medication reminders, and communication with clinicians.


The HBox Healthcare App is the only comprehensive Healthcare SuperApp of its kind that provides patients with a full, curated, ecosystem of features and services. The App gives Patients access to their Health Records as available on the Patient Portal. It allows them to view their ambulatory summary details, prescription details, upcoming and scheduled Health Reminders, and Laboratory and Radiology results. It also allows patients to view Billing Statements payable to the clinic.

Salient Features

  • Vitals measurement (BP, Weight, Glucose etc)

  • Schedule in-clinic appointments and Virtual Consults

  • Direct messaging between Patient and Provider

  • Prescription Refills

  • Patient Health Records retrieval

  • and much more

Take Control, Manage Your Health


Manage patients at risk for high blood pressure.

Medication Titration

Make treatment more personalized. Connected devices and our cloud platform make Medication Titration easy.

Congestive Heart Failure

Watch for warning signs in patients living with heart disease.

Blood Sugar

Monitor vitals for patients who have moderate to

severe Diabetes through use of a connected Glucometer


Keep tabs on blood oxygen saturation levels. Stay connected with a continous SpO2


your Healthcare

Speak to a HBox expert on how your clinic can go virtual and earn more

See it to believe it

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