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A Decentralized Trial Platform, Enhanced by Remote Monitoring

Exceed Recruitment Targets and Improve Clinical Data Quality

Patient Identification

Canvas a 250,000 Patient Pool through HBox

Tap into a rich database of over 250,000 diverse patients

Optimize recruitment and enrollment results by identifying and referring patient candidates to clinical trial programs.

Patient Recruitment & Retention

Enhancing Site Resources and Capabilities

HBox patient engagement connects with patients and goes through both inclusionary and exclusionary factors to select the best possible candidates that will ensure successful enrollment.

Patient Remote Assessments & Engagement

Engagement Refines Candidate Lists Further

We streamline study processes by providing sites and practices with the necessary resources for screening, enrolling, treating and
retaining patients to meet program goals


Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are vital for the development of new, medicines — but they rely upon volunteers to succeed. Here you’ll learn more about our clinical trials, what it’s like to participate, and how you may be able to help improve treatment options for patients.

Choose from a diverse set of patients across a wide range of geographic locations

Team Up With HBox For Your Next Trial

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HBox is a revolutionary technology solution that helps healthcare providers compete in a virtual-first world

HBox Inc.

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