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Deliver and Control Quality Care Beyond The Walls of Your Hospital




Transitional Care

Reduce Hospital Re-admissions Rates

Generate New Revenue for Care Providers

Improve Patient Outcomes & Save on Cost

How it works

Hospital/Physician Notified Patient Discharged  Via HBox Portal

Patient Discharged to Home with HBox Virtual Kit

Patient Contacted at Home with Care/Transition Plan

Patient Interacts with Kit and sends information back to Hospital

Hospital At Home

Hospital care extended beyond 4 walls to deliver services at home & Improve the Quality of Care

CMS reimbursement to generate Add-on Revenue

Next Generation Acute Care Hospital at Home Programs?

Get started on them with the HBox Virtual First Care Platform.

Deliver high-quality acute care at home through continuous monitoring, flexible alarms, and proven clinical pathways.


Pre and Post Surgery

Reducing Hospital Re-admissions, Improve Patient Outcomes & Save Cost

Hospitals Value-Added Services

Improve Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction

Pre & Post Surgery Preparation Plan and Schedule Management

Interaction with Care Navigator & Care Team  (Messaging , Video )

Vital Tracking & Communication

Medication adherence

Speak to a HBox expert on how your clinic can go virtual and earn more

See it to believe it

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