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Virtual-First Care Platform

Meet the HBox care platform stack

One integrated platform that delivers all HBox virtual-first care products

Operating System

Virtual-first Care Platform

HBox Care Services

Operating System

A robust, easy-to-use operating system designed to help upgrade your clinic to virtual-first care

HPod and connected devices

HBox Portal for Clinics

HIPAA compliant Cloud


HBox Health Pod

A Patient-Centric, In-Home, Virtual Care Kit. 
One Window to All Virtual Care Services

HPod – 10” always-on Display

AI-Driven UI for optimized Care Delivery

Comes with integrated Medical Devices and built-in connectivity

HBOX-platforms-Tablet Mockup.png

HBox Virtual Care kit consisting of the Tablet + a Device

HBox Cloud

Functional Capabilities
  • Analytics

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Billing

  • Care Coordination

  • Clinical Documentation

  • Clinical flow Service

  • Consent Management

  • E-Orders

  • E-Prescribing

  • Patient Queuing

  • Referral Management

  • Virtual Waiting Room

Technical Capabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence

  • EHR Integration

  • Email

  • Photo Capture

  • SDK and APIs 

  • Single Sign-On

  • White Labeling

  • Session Recording

  • Alerts Management

  • Code Compliances

Privacy & Security
  • Encryption at Rest

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • Identity Proofing

  • Privacy Compliance (HIPAA, BAA)

  • Security

Best of Both Worlds


Certified Care Coaches


AI-Driven Patient Tools
Dedicated Care Coaches for Patients
Care Coaches are Chronic & Diseases Mamangement experts
AI-Driven Chat Bot
Two Way Messaging
HIPAA Compliant
Regular Interaction with patients
Platform Pushes Contextual Relevant and Timely Tasks to Patient Dashboard

Speak to a HBox expert on how your clinic can go virtual and earn more

See it to believe it

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