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Providing a Unique Approach for Our Pharma Sponsors and CRO Partners

Exclusive pre-enrolled patient population of over 250,000 lives across multiple States

Deep Expertise and Capabilities in Pulmonary and Cardiology Disease Areas

Over 120+ Registered Principal Investigators and 60 Sites Nationwide

Hbox Has Built a Unique Tech Enhanced Clinical Trial Infrastructure

Take your clinical trial to the patient and monitor remotely

We Partner With Highly Accomplished Physicians Who Want to Participate in Cutting Edge Research.

Deep Network of Highly Accomplished Principal Investigators

Hbox Platform Delivers Tech-Enabled Patient Engagement

Use  Health Pod Coupled With Our Trained Patient Engagement Specialists

Put Together Clinical Sites From the Ground Up

Rapidly Assemble People, Supplies, Equipment, and Process

We have a database of over 250,000 patients from the most diverse backgrounds and a
 team managing trials A to Z.

Why work with Us?

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HBox is a revolutionary technology solution that helps healthcare providers compete in a virtual-first world

HBox Inc.

3200 Kirkwood Highway

Wilmington, DE 19808


  (888) 426-9462


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