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Become an HBox

Our goal is to improve patient lives by opening up our platform to a broad array of service providers

Tap into our Network of Specialty Clinics

Leverage our Sales and Support Platform

Be Part of an Integrated Healthcare Solution

Proprietary Tech-Enabled Platform

Gain access to an exclusive patient pool
of over 250,000 Medicare Lives

Why us?

Partnering with HBox can be a force multiplier to your existing business. We work with participants throughout the entire healthcare value chain

Revenue Cycle Management

EMR Platforms

Medical Device Manufacturers

Diagnostic Labs & Imaging Centers



Partner program types

HBox offers a variety of partnership opportunities designed to meet the unique needs of your business

ConnectHBox sales and operations teams to your provider network for a mutually beneficial relationship. 
Referral Partners
Make Continous Remote Care part of your EHR and overall offerring for even greater value creation. Call HBox today and integrate our solution into your EHR.
Introduce HBox products and services to your existing client base and grow your business. 
Billing Companies
Make HBox your one-stop partners for all your Continous Monitoring and virtual care needs. 
Skilled Nursing
Assisted Living
Tap into our exclusive patient pool of over 250k Medicare Lives for all your clinical trials.
Pharma & CRO Companies
If you're a supplier selling to Outpatient clinics, we want to partner with you. Co-sell HBox alongside your products and services to boost your growth.
Healthcare Suppliers
Our patients need consistently reliable DME and Home Health partners. Join the HBox network of 3rd party healthcare vendors. Get pre-appoved.
Home Health & DMEs
Medical bills are a huge burden on patients. Become part of the solution and introduce your payments platform to over 250k patients nationwide. 
Payment Providers

Partnership process

working together towards mutual success

Learn how your organization can tap into our vast network of patients and clinics

Partner with us!

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