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Take your Outpatient Clinic to the next level - go virtual!

HBox has developed an integrated Virtual-First Care platform that focuses on patients, with in-home monitoring of Chronic conditions and AI-Enhanced episodic care.

Save time and resources
with the HBox platform

HBox works as an extension to your existing workflows

Trained staff included

Portal for admin

A Virtual Care Delivery Model For You

Demand for virtual outpatient care has increased exponentially with innovation in technology. We help outpatient clinics monitor and manage various chronic conditions across several specialties with our virtual-first platform.

Increase Patient Engagement & Quality of Care

Continuous monitoring between visits

Deliver world-class white-glove services to your patients

Improve outcome quality by using FDA approved devices

Speak to a HBox expert on how your clinic can go virtual and earn more

See it to believe it

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